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Rizq Investment Festival 2023

Islamic Finance Singapore (IFSG)

How is your calendar looking?

9:00 am
Raffles Skills Lab Intl. Training Center, (S330070)

What is all about?

Discover Game-Changing Investment Opportunities and Strategies to Grow Your Wealth in Today's Economic Landscape. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, staying economically stagnant can be detrimental. The economic climate has undergone unprecedented changes since the year commenced, and a fixed financial approach might risk obsolescence. This era, characterised by significant shifts, presents a twofold challenge: One can either become trapped in its adversities or identify and harness the inherent opportunities, laying a foundation for robust financial growth. Through the Rizq Investment Festival 2023, we aim to illuminate the path towards proactive financial growth.
From $35

per person


What can you expect?

  1. Delve into the profound financial systems and instruments Islam offers for effective wealth management.
  2. Equip yourself to identify and convert economic challenges into growth opportunities.
  3. Create a transformative vision for your investment portfolio that resonates with purpose and ambition.
  4. Acquire pragmatic strategies to amplify your assets strictly within halal principles.

Many in our Muslim community remain reserved, aiming for modest savings increments.

However, this cautious approach may yield little financial growth you aspire to.

Join us at the Rizq Investment Festival 2023, organised by Islamic Finance Singapore (IFSG) and RizqX.

Engage in a full day of immersive sessions with industry stalwarts, innovative investment platforms, and esteemed finance professionals, all dedicated to halal investment.

Rizq Investment Festival 2023 promises knowledge and the ignition to evaluate emerging wealth enhancement opportunities.

Who Should Attend Rizq Investment Festival 2023?

  • Novice investors keen on exploring emerging opportunities
  • Seasoned investors aiming to uncover both local and global investment avenues
  • Dedicated investors intent on elevating their portfolio to new levels
  • Industry professionals seeking to keep up-to-date of the latest trends and developments within the halal investment space

Why Rizq Investment Festival 2023?

Over the years at Islamic Finance Singapore (IFSG), we realised that introducing Islamic Finance to the Muslim community in Singapore, even as a start, is not simple. You need to make it practical and relatable. That’s where we discovered how keen our Muslim community is regarding halal investing.

But we are not alone. Unscrupulous investment schemers and opportunistic financial advisers have taken note. Hence, the imperative arises for a reliable platform that highlights investment opportunities and distinguishes the credible ones.

This underlines our commitment to exclusively focus on halal investments in this Rizq Investment Festival 2023.

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